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Bug Labs Platform
Caregiver Friendly Award
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Reveal™ Medical Manager
Top Toy of the Year Award
Creative Child Magazine
ZinkoTek Toy Building System

TDmonthly Award Finalist
TDmonthly Magazine
ZinkoTek Toy Building System



Zinkotek Toy Building System
Alison Marek & Julie L. Jones. (August 2008).
TDmonthly Magazine’s 2008 Report on Specialty Toys

Chris Morrison. (May 26, 2008).
ZinkoTek gets $2M for recyclable toys.

Zinkotek Toy Building System
Live with Regis and Kelly.
(February 22, 2008).
Exoto Die-cast model of the year five years in a row
Danbury Mint Best Die-cast model
K’nex toy of the year Lincoln Prairie Express
Mattel first overall in big trucks category (first year Matchbox ever beat Tonka in this category).