Product Manufacturing:

We utilize GMP, ISO, & FDA certified factories in the USA, Europe, and in Asia.
Our Hong Kong engineering staff conducts pilot production and QC inspections, solving problems on site, in real time communication with our client-facing US office via tele-video.
Our Logistics team expedites all shipping modalities, import & export clearances through all major ports as well as insurances assuring timely delivery to any location worldwide.
Our proven production supplier network now extends worldwide.
In Asia, our production management competency includes thermoplastic and thermo-set injection molding, blow-molding, co-molding, insert molding, elastomer molding, extrusion, structural foam, thermo- forming, pressure forming, resin transfer molding, die-cast molding, forging, sheet metal brake forming & punching and progressive die stamping..

Flexible PV solar cell manufacturing is now being studied for inclusion in our growing Asian network.

Our Asian network routinely produces a growing array of consumer products, toys, cell phones, computers, camping equipment, plumbing equipment and

In Dubai, our strategic partners provide volume production of precision CNC ( +/- .001”) and Swiss (+ - . 0001”) machining, die casting, photo etching, progressive stamped stainless, injection molding final assembly of precision parts.
In Mexico, our strategic partner provides tooling and manufacturing of EVA and steel forgings, spin castings, ferrous stampings, production ground parts and assembly.
We have developed key U.S. and China-based suppliers for specialized processes such as:

  • thin-wall cannula dip molded wire insert winding
  • clean room production and sterilization
  • large injection molded parts (plastic pallets for medical shipping)
  • medical grade wire assemblies
  • EMI coatings
  • multi-lumen tubing and bonding products
  • surgical balloons and bonders.
  • Our QC capabilities include 100% part inspection and third party CPO manufacturing services, CMM and certifications. Our VOIP-enabled manufacturing, QC and logistics professionals provide real time production reviews prior to shipments
Production services are custom tailored to your needs and are implemented expeditiously and securely by our professional staff.