Projects: Musical Toothpaste Cap
Clients: Colgate

Colgate saw a way to sell more toothbrushes by enabling parents to teach children how long to brush. They turned to DCI to design and engineer a cost effective way of generating 90 seconds of music from a toothpaste tube with an aesthetically pleasing cap.

DCI developed a small PCB and an activation mechanism integrated with a speaker, and whimsical grille, inside a toothpaste cap. We then completed production samples for focus group testing and sales demo. This was all done in under 30 days.

Client met their goal of producing 1 million units in 90 days, primarily due to Design Circle’s flawless engineering solution and documentation, requiring no tooling revisions. By getting through the window of opportunity on time, the product launched successfully first in Mexico and also in the U.S. Speed to market maximized sales and led to development of several related products.