Die-cast Vehicles
Clients: Mattel, Corgi, Ertl, The Franklin Mint, The Danbury
Mint, Exoto, & Ford Motor Company

Produce the most accurate and highly detailed die-cast vehicles in the world. Negotiate access to rare vehicles, provide historical research, and produce professional reference photography, on site 3-D digital scanning of full-scale cars, 3-D surface modeling, engineering documentation turnover package and master tooling patterns. Act as factory liaison and project managers for manufacturing museum quality collectibles.

DCI was an early adopter of state-of the-art methods for digitally scanning and re-scaling automobiles. We have also engineered and developed die-casting production techniques to improve overall accuracy, assembly, levels of detail, and functional features for museum-quality reproductions. DCI pioneered collectible reproduction innovations like bottom-up assembly and sub-assembly methods, real leather seats, micro-chains, spoked wheels, moving pistons, cams and cranks all now considered industry standards.

Successfully launched first, large-scale museum quality vehicles for a number of leading companies like Exoto, The Franklin Mint, The Danbury Mint, Mattel, MRC, Ertl and Corgi. Recognized worldwide as die-cast development expert consistently on the cutting edge of the industry and able to meet the most difficult requests on time and on budget.