1973 Porsche 917/30
Clients: Exoto Tifosi,

Turn a successful catalog mail order business serving other die-cast companies and artisans; into an exclusive brand, selling limited production exotic racecar replicas of the very highest quality.

DCI first determined scale and engineering requirements with client, and used its cutting edge industry experience to push the envelope of accuracy and production techniques. DCI then located and captured the design of these one-off multi-million dollar vehicles, with our mobile Photo and 3D Scanning team. Using over 1000 photographs and 5000 reference dimensions, we produced engineering turn over packages consisting of part and assembly drawings with production notes and specifications required to produce these 600-part award winning masterpieces. We also assisted with production and quality assurance throughout the process, adding feature value, streamling processes, and innovating.

DCI’s contribution matched our client’s unyielding commitment to excellence. This and most vehicle we work on is award-winning. Exoto is recognized today as the best museum quality die-cast collectible manufacturer in the world.