Boys, Girls, Construction, Feature Doll, RC, and Play Set Toys
Clients: Hasbro, Mattel, Matchbox, Fisher Price, Tyco, Galoob, Lionel, Toy Biz,
Eduscience, Walt Disney, Artin, MGA, Mega Brands, Spinmaster, and more.

Develop innovative cost effective kid-safe products that inspire the minds of children, expanding their potential to build a better future.

With over 25 years of toy specific experience, on thousands of different products, DCI adds value to every step of toy development from initial concept through to manufactured product delivery. Our work automatically considers key criteria for marketing success such as play value, toy safety, cost reduction, packing cubes, developmentally appropriate behaviors, educational value, and dead lines. We understand the importance of “the Magic”, and know just how to make it happen.

Many of our products have won toy awards and make happy clients. All can be measured in smiles.