Project: HoverMat Power Pack
Client: Hover Tech Corp.

Decrease the time and ease of moving immobilized patients with the Hover-mat system. Additional requirements include, increase high volume air pump performance, and improve safety in EMT and ER scenarios while reducing cost.

The voice of customer drove feature creation such as integrated cord and hose storage, universal mounting and a more rugged handle. Detailed ergonomic analysis revealed the need for “Power Ready” and separate “Run” indicators. These features, with a prominent “On-Off” switch, were tested and shown to reduce panic and save time in high-stress and emergency situations.

To improve portability, we changed the stainless steel construction to ABS injection molded plastic to reduce cost and weight. We also engineered a unique internal chamber to produce higher operating pressure and volume for maintaining shape and seals in all operating scenarios

DCI significantly improved user benefits, at a 50% cost reduction, instantly recognized by the client as “a far superior design that’s easier to sell.“